One of out staff looks forward to covering the upcoming MLA conference to identify new partners for our Central European tours!

IN the process of getting to know the organization (the Modern Language Association), we noticed at least one page made mention of the practice of holding interviews in hotel rooms at the convention site, the Midtown Hilton. Seriously? Even without all the recent news about Harvey Weinstein, most of the scholarly conferences I've attended expressly condemn the notion of interviews in hotel rooms. So what's wrong with MLA? I would suggest they get their act together - sooner rather than later.



Congratulations to Ivan Bozicevic whose work "Shaken from a crane's bill" was selected for performance by Random Access Music in Brooklyn in May 2018!


Join Joe Tayoun's Drum Circle at the Penn Museum - every Wednesday! 


Check out the video pages for the Anthology of Turkish Piano Music:

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III 


View one of our featured titles, "Victory March," here. Also, the excerpt of "Aegean Spring" read at the Midwest Clinic Orchestra Reading session is here!



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