Meesha Dance with Joseph Tayoun, William Tayoun, Roger Mgrdichian, Baris Kaya and others

In an exciting development for world music in Philadelphia, Franky Bradley's (@1320 Chancellor St.) presented the debut of its First Thursday series on March 3. To get the ball rolling, this first installment was a tribute to the legendary Middle East Restaurant that had been run by the Tayoun family for almost 40 years before closing in 1997. Despite not being advertised on the club's own website, the event packed the house with belly-dance enthusiasts, nostalgia-seekers and friends of friends of friends. We look forward to following future installments of the series to be curated by keyboardist, William Tayoun.



Check out the video pages for the Anthology of Turkish Piano Music:

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View one of our featured titles, "Victory March," here. Also, the excerpt of "Aegean Spring" read at the Midwest Clinic Orchestra Reading session is here!



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