Online assessments are back!

We've had increasing inquiries related to our publications and assessments. For that reason we are retooling our publications platform, and we've relaunched our assessment offerings, recognizing the need for affordable alternatives to some larger assessment programs. Having acquainted herself with several assessment / audition programs in the past few years, our director, Kathryn Woodard is aware of the choices students have to measure their progress, to stay motivated in their practice, and in some cases to obtain necessary credentials for future studies. Nevertheless, she feels this program fills a niche area, making assessment affordable for a wide range of piano and composition students around the globe. At the same time she hopes to raise students' awareness of diverse repertoire and stylistic choices. In most cases, students will be assessed by a composer/performer from our list of suggested repertoire, and/or a recognized interpreter of a style of music they have chosen. Also, students may come to realize they know selections that they wouldn't think to perform for other assessments but that are a perfect fit for this program, for example, works by regional composers, transcriptions of traditional music, etc. We welcome any and all new ideas to add to our list and to feature on our website. We are also excited to launch the additional category for improvisation and sound design! 

Please visit the Online Assessments page for more information and feel free to reach out with any questions. We look forward to your submissions!

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