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For the 2021-2022 academic year we are excited to offer piano students a one-on-one interaction with the composer whose piece they have chosen to perform. For students who are submitting their own composition, they will be paired with one of our featured composers to gain insight and feedback on their work. As in past cycles, each performance will receive detailed feedback, and the student will receive a certificate for their participation. The exam will be in the form of video submissions along with a live interview/audition with a composer / examiner. 

Suggested repertoire will be updated and provided below. We will be selecting works by composers who have submitted scores to us in the past. If you have a work or a composer to suggest, by all means contact us with the details!

Click here for the registration form. Once you have registered you will receive an invoice for the exam fee for your level, which can be paid online. (Fees range from $30 to $90.) 

List of Composers & Suggested Works

Ertugrul Bayraktar - Kayiklar (Boats)

Deborah Yardley Beers - Variations on a Laundry Song

Valerie Capers - Bossa Brasilia (or other Portraits in Jazz)

Eka Chabashvili - Panorama

Francis Kayali - Winter Pieces (Individually or as a set)

Lisa Neher - Moon Jelly (or other selection)

Aziza Sadikova - Praeludium - or - Son (Dream)

Godwin Sadoh - Any selection from Childhood Dreams

Alan Sentman - Three Piano Pieces (Individually or as a set)

Kat Souponetsky - Sunny Day in Portland 

Hasan Uçarsu - Reminiscences of a Summer Journey (Single pieces or as a set)

Theodore Wiprud - Any selection from The Well-Tempered Quarantine

Kathryn Woodard - Ancient Omens or Royal Portraits (Individually or as a set)



In 2020 we launched our online exam for piano. In 2021 we required students  to select and perform one piece from the suggested repertoire lists. In this video, Kathryn Woodard explains the rationale for the exams and demonstrates with two pieces from early grade repertoire.

 Past repertoire lists (2020-2021) are still available here. Demo videos of some selections  can be viewed here.







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