Online Piano Exams

In 2020 we launched this online exam for piano. Beginning in 2021 students are required to select and perform one piece from the suggested repertoire lists. Each performance will receive detailed feedback and the student will receive a certificate with a graded assessment. In keeping with our mission these lists aim to provide a diverse and global perspective on piano music for students.  Students may also submit a performance of an original composition for a composition certificate. 

The repertoire lists are available here along with additional exam guidelines and registration links.

Demo videos along with performance suggestions can be viewed on this page.

Watch *this video of Kathryn* as she explains the rationale for the exams and demonstrates this with two pieces from the repertoire list.

The registration form is available here. Once you have registered you will receive an invoice for the exam fee for your level, which can be paid online. (Fees range from $30 to $90.) 

Students will receive a certificate in recognition of their participation along with graded feedback from the examiner. Students can also opt to perform their own composition for a separate certificate.  

The exam will be in the form of video submissions along with a live interview/audition with an examiner. We plan to partner with adjudicators around the globe to curate our suggested repertoire lists and to assess students.   

***Your privacy is important to us! One person will be handling registration form data. Your videos will not be shared publicly, only with one examiner.***


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Learn about Ottoman composer Leyla Saz and listen to her Victory March from 1908 in several arrangements. This work is featured on ...And We Were Heard in a performance by Jacob Wallace and the South Dakota State University Wind Ensemble (also available in the audio player below). Peruse instrumental arrangements available for purchase here

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