Sonic Crossroads is an educational initiative founded by Kathryn Woodard that offers online resources, courses, and assessments to students around the world. Since its founding in 2007 Sonic Crossroads has supported a wide range of activities including composer residencies, recordings, research, and event reviews. A recent focus has been on  the publication of sheet music that introduces students of all ages to new and unfamiliar styles of music.


Sonic Crossroads is pleased to launch our summer 2024 Creativity at the Piano course in Vienna, Austria!

Work with outstanding faculty on composition, improvisation and performance!

Save the dates - June 24-28, 2023 and visit the Course Information and Workshop pages to learn more!



Our signature series, the Anthology of Turkish Piano Music is available for digital download.

Victory March for Concert Band is also available for sale as a digital download. Learn more about composer Leyla Saz on the Research page




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