Piano Lessons with Big Red Bird

The newest publication from Sonic Crossroads is a beginning level lesson book for piano by Kathryn Woodard that doubles as a children's song book. I'm A Big Red Bird is a simple, pentatonic tune that can be played on the black keys, and the first lessons in the book explain how without the need for notation. Further lessons explore starting on different keys - "How do you make it sound the same? And how many keys can you start on?" It even encourages the student to play a duet with a piano partner - a parent, sibling, or friend. The book includes fun song verses for the melody, each describing a specific animal.  

The book can be purchased here as a digital download (reading from a device or color printing is needed to follow the fingering instructions).  

Listen to Lisa Neher sing the song! 

And here are some demo videos to get you started: 

Additional lessons include learning to play the melody with one hand and adding an accompaniment in the other hand!

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