Knowing how much my students like to watch piano video tutorials, I thought I'd share a unique one that was posted on a new music community site recently. "Haiduceasca" is a traditional song form from Bessarabia (Moldova/Romania) and is translated here as "Outlawry Song."

UPDATE: Unfortunately the aforementioned piano tutorial has been taken offline. But here is the rest of the blog post.

Below seems to be the exact inspiration for the piano arrangement (even the same tonal center):

As one can imagine, many different recordings and interpretations of Haiduceasca can be found, many in a free, unmetered form. The signifiers "Doina" or "Balada" in the examples below seem to distinguish these examples from the dance song above.

Performed on shepherd's flute:

And on cimbalom by Toni Iordache:

I also found this notated example, though of a substantially different melody:

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