April 2015 Issue

In addition to our foray into North Indian Classical rhythm (see previous post for January 22), we feature the following composers in our second issue:

Brian Ciach

"Kentucky Folk Pieces" are available for sale both from ScoreExchange and ISSUU. You can also preview the entire score from the ISSUU link! Listen to the entire work on SoundCloud.

Jean-Christophe Rosaz

View a performance of Three Wise Monkeys here:

Orlando Jacinto Garcia - Listen to a full performance of horizontes imaginados on our new audio page

Libby Larsen - Purchase Try Me Good King here

You can find a few interpretations of the song online; we recommend:

George N. Gianopoulos

Listen to a performance of "Fughetta on Monk's 'Well You Needn't'," followed by a recording of Thelonius Monk, playing his own theme:

You may notice that Gianopoulos' tempo is marked "Moderate Swing" and with the complexities of contrapuntal writing, it would indeed be an exercise in frustration to try and match Monk's original tempo in the Fughetta version.

And finally, our "Look Back" feature is an arrangement of Bach's Fugue in B-flat Minor as a study companion to the Fughetta above.

Here is a recording by Svatislav Richter. The fugue starts at 2:25.

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