January 2015 Issue

Our January Issue has gone to print! 

Here we list all contributors with links to their websites, score purchase sites and videos of their featured works:

Garrett Hope

Valerie Capers

Don't Idle Engine (Alan Sentman) - check out additional arrangements here!

Ivan Bozicevic

Also featured in this issue is "Canto de la ave rapiega" (Song of the Bird of Prey) for cello and piano by Ivan Bozicevic of Split, Croatia. You can purchase the score either as PDF download or in print from Abundant Silence Publishing (click here).

Here is a performance of the work in Denver, CO on January 31:

Caroline Xiong (Young Composer)

Watch her performance of "The Lonely Fairy" at NAfME here:

Daniel Carr

We are pleased to include "The Nurse's Song" from Three Blake Songs by Daniel Carr in our first issue of Blink.

Click on the links to listen to Carr's new recording of this song and of several of his other works.

Carr has this to say about Nurse's Song:
"Nurse's Song" is the first in a set of three songs to the poetry of William Blake.  These were my first attempt at composing "classical" songs for voice and piano.  Having grown up listening to far more pop music than classical, these songs tend to have a Pop, Folk and even Broadway influence -- wrapped in the cloak of Classical Music.  These simple songs are to be sung with minimal vibrato and ask for a pure, clean tone.
You can also purchase the score, at SheetMusicPlus and JW Pepper.

Ahmed Adnan Saygun (Listen to audio tracks here and learn more about his music on our research page)

 Here is the short teaching piece "Masal":

Karl Blench

"Dreams and Hallucinations" is a substantial (30+ min.) work for cello and piano by Karl Blench that lives up to its title with several movements exploring varied moods and states of consciousness. In the print issue we feature the movement "Altered Reality."

Purchase the score! Click here.


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