Moondani: Black (July 2015 Issue)

As promised we move into the realm of larger ensemble works in this issue, beginning with Moondani: Black by Taran Carter of Australia. (Excerpt starts 2:00. Description of the work is provided on the YouTube page.)

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We also provide a short feature on the wind arrangements available for free download as part of the U.S. Navy Band's Carl Fischer Project. These arrangements were published in journal fashion (much like Blink) as a way to promote sales by the publisher. Visit the website for links to all 13 scores currently available as well as streaming audio.

In typical contradictory fashion for composer Huang Ruo (b. 1976), his choral work Without Words does actually set poetry, that of Li Hou-Zhu (937-978)

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In this issue we've provided the full score for Argemarillo Fantasie No. 2 by Gary Powell Nash. Each of the three fantasies explores a particular influence from popular music, in this case the tango.

Contact the composer to obtain a score for Three Argemarillo Fantasies

And finally we feature one song from Parable - a song cycle by Robert S. Cohen, "Ah Me! I am the One." The cycle of 10 songs sets poetry of Japanese masters, mostly Basho but also Issa and Wafu. Streaming audio can be heard here, and the composer's website also provides audio of the orchestral version of some songs. Contact the composer to obtain the score for the cycle.

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