Piano Exam Repertoire List

Beginning in 2021 students are required to select and perform one piece from the suggested repertoire lists. Each performance will receive detailed feedback and the student will receive a certificate with a graded assessment. Students may also submit a performance of an original composition for a composition certificate. Information on submitting videos will be provided once registration is completed. The next round of assessments will take place in June 2021. Please use the Registration Form to apply and schedule your assessment.

Exam fees are as follows (payment will be processed via PayPal):

Any piece up to Grade 3: US$20

Between Grades 4 and 6: US$25

Grades 7 and higher: US$30

View demo videos along with teaching tips for select pieces (marked with a •) at this link

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Most titles below are available for purchase online. If you have trouble finding or obtaining any selections, please let us know.  Some links are provided below and on the tutorial video page. Grades in parentheses are based on the ABRSM/LCM/RCM system to provide guidance. 

"Fast Fishing" by Kat Souponetsky (Grade 1)   

Piece No. 1 by Muammer Sun from Country Colors, Book III (Grade 1)    

•"Soufiane" by Halim El-Dabh (Grade 1)

•"Aegean Dance" by Ilhan Baran from Children's Pieces (Grade 1/2)   

•"Moon Jelly" by Lisa Neher (Grade 1/2)

"My Scarf is Yellow" by Hale Smith (Grade 1/2)

"Huge Doll" by Adnan Saygun from Inci's Book (Grade 2)   

"Round Dance" by Eduard Chagagortjan from Children's Album (Grade 2)

"Northern Lights" by Karen Tanaka (Grade 2)  

"A Rainy Saturday" by Emma Lou Diemer from Travels Through Sound (Grade 2)   

Piece No. 3 by Ilhan Baran from Little Suite (Grade 2/3)   

"Adagio meditative" by Ivan Bozicevic from Sotto Voce (Grade 2/3)

"Romance" by Kat Souponetsky (Grade 3)   

"Ticklin' Toes" by Florence Price (Grade 3)

"The Birth of Bernoulli" by Francis Kayali from Winter Pieces (Grade 3)   

"Funny Friend" by Eduard Chagagortjan from Children's Album (Grade 3)

"Dusk" by Nkeiru Okoye (Grade 3)

"Pony Express" by Louise Talma from Soundshots (Grade 3/4)   

•"Nigerian Wedding Dance" by Godwin Sadoh (Grade 3/4)

•"Crossing Paths" by Dai Fujikura (Grade 3/4)   

•"Count to 9!" by Eduard Chagagortjan from Children's Album (Grade 4)

"Sweet Mister Jelly Roll" or "Blue-Bird" by Valerie Capers from Jazz Portraits (Grade 4)   

Aksak” by Ilhan Baran from Black and White (Grade 4)

"A Shell, or Nostalgia" by Keiko Fujiie from Suite: On the Water's Edge (Grade 4)   

"Excursion" (No. 1) from Suite for Children by Shande Ding (Grade 4)

Piece No. 4 by Muammer Sun from Country Colors, Book III (Grade 4) 

"Underwater Etude" by Kat Souponetsky (Grade 4)  

"Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" by Wallace M. Cheatham (Grade 4)

"Midnight Sound" by Francis Kayali from Winter Pieces (Grade 4/5)   

"Herdboy's Song" by Tan Dun from Eight Memories in Watercolor (Grade 4/5)

"Kayiklar" (Boats) by Ertugrul Bayraktar (Grade 5)   

"Storm Clouds" by Kathryn Woodard from Ancient Omens (Grade 5)   

"Hide and Seek" (No. 4) from Suite for Children by Shande Ding (Grade 5)

•"Bir Az Da Yürükçe!" by Hasan Ferit Alnar from Eight Piano Pieces (Grade 5)  

"At a Certain Church" by John W. Work III (Grade 5)

"Ji No. 3: Silent Mountain" by Qu Xiao-song (Any grade)

•"Para Lisa" by Juan Maria Solare (Grade 5/6)

•"Pappoe - The Pineapple" by Gyimah Labi from Dialects in African Pianism (Grade 6)   

"The Bird Says 'Bob White'" by Louise Talma from Soundshots (Grade 6)

"Tango" by Aziza Sadikova (Grade 6)

"The Day Had No Date" by Pavel Kopecky from Diary of a Madman (Grade 6)

"Nim Nawakht" by Halim El-Dabh (Grade 6)

"If the Silver Bird Could Speak" by Eleanor Alberga (Grade 6/7)

•"Sunny Day in Portland" by Kat Souponetsky (Grade 6/7)    

"Phaselis" by Hasan Uçarsu from Reminiscences of a Summer Journey (Grade 7)

"Nimble Feet" by Florence Price (Grade 7)

"Papillons" by Oswald Russell (Grade 8)

•"Summer in the World" by Ivan Bozicevic (Grade 7/8)

"Argemarillo Fantasie No. 2" by Gary Powell Nash (Grade 7/8)

"La Dangereuse (Meringue Haitiènne)" by Ludovic Lamothe (Grade 7/8)

•"Giguembito" by Manuel Matarrita from Partita Mestiza (Grade 8)

"Juba Dance" by R. Nathaniel Dett (Grade 8)

"Toccata" by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (Grade 8)

Etude No. 5 by Ahmed Adnan Saygun (Grade 8)

Any original composition by Scott Joplin (Grade 8)

The following (in addition to Grades 7/8) are suggestions for advanced/college-level students:

"Panorama" by Eka Chabashvili

•"Troubled Water" by Margaret Bonds

"Etude in C-sharp Minor" by Leslie Adams

"Variations on a Laundry Song" by Deborah Yardley Beers

"Egwu Amala" or "Ukom" by Joshua Uzoigwe

"Köçekcemsi" or "Ciftetelli" from Turkish Suite by Hasan Ferit Alnar

"i only bite because you make me" by Yshani Perinpanayagam (Contact the composer to purchase the score, video and click track - £30)

Check back for more additions to the list as we develop our advanced/college-level assessments.










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